Cube Piggy Pig Amigurumi Pattern

Piggy Pig just joined the cube animals family! It shares the same basic body as most of my other patterns and it's just as simple and cute.

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Spooky Spider Bro Amigurumi Pattern

This is probably my easiest and quickest pattern to make. It requires practically no sewing. It is super fun to make.

It is just in time to create as many as you can before Halloween. You can create a spider web to hang them around the house or just have them chill around the house in random areas ;)

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Cube Little Penguin Amigurumi Pattern

Who wouldn't like a cube Penguin! You can even stack two of them on top of each other :)

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Cube Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Pattern

A free amigurumi pattern to make a cute little bunny with his carrot. Perfect for Easter too! If you like him don’t forget to check his other cube family friends! He share the same basic cube body as the kitty, puppy, birdie, batty and piggy patterns. Once you learn one you can do all of them :)

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Cube Little Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

A small but fierce Dragon! It is built from a cube basic shape. It shares the same body as most of my other cube patterns just with one extra row in the middle for hight. Add a tongue for a touch of playfulness.

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Cube Kitty Cat Amigurumi Pattern


Super easy and fun free pattern to make. It’s so easy that you won’t stop at one kitty. Designed to be as simple as possible without compromising on the cuteness.

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Cube Puppy Dog Amigurumi Pattern

A Very easy and fun free amigurumi pattern to make. Can be stacked together to create a puppy tower. Who wouldn’t want a puppy tower! 

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