How to Make an Extra Cuddly Amigurumi


I have recently discovered something amazing and I'd like to share it with you all! I tried my patterns using a gloriously soft and fluffy yarn. I'm in love with the results. I cannot stop making these :)


First of all, note that I've tried this type of yarn in two different weights/thickness resulting in two different sizes. The white bunny is the largest, followed by the taupe colored one. The yellow bunny was made with regular DK yarn for comparison.


For the extra large bunny (15cm high without the ears ~ 23cm with the ears):

  • Any chenille yarn in color of choice. For the extra large white bunny I used Sirdar Smudge 100g/100m. I ended needing two skeins for the bunny as I finished the first just before I got to do the tail. 
  • A 7mm hook 
  • A pair of extra large button eyes (I used 25mm eyes but could have gotten away with smaller)
  • Pink nose or just make your own with needle felting
  • A wool needle, needles for thinner yarn won't work.
  • Stuffing, a lot of stuffing.

For the slightly smaller fluffy kitty, dog and bunny (~10cm body height):

  • Any chenille yarn in color of choice. I used Flutterby Chunky (similar to Sirdar Smudge but less chunky).
  • 5mm hook
  • Large button eyes (I used 10mm here as I had no bigger size that fit)
  • Pink nose or just make your own with needle felting
  • A wool needle, needles for thinner yarn won't work.
  • Stuffing, a lot of stuffing.


Just followed my patterns instructions as usual using the material above. You can use the material to make any of my patterns.

Here is the links to the bunny, kitty and puppy patterns.

The yarn was a pleasure to work with. It is however slightly harder to see the stitches than regular yarn so I wouldn't recommend for absolute beginners. That being said the result is very much worth it! So soft and so cuddly.


I decided to name my big bunny Marshmallow. Here is Marshmallow posing with my little kitty Dusty. Dusty was made using my Cube Kitty Cat pattern but with extra fine yarn and a 1mm hook. Look at 

the size difference between the two!

Here a the tower of kitty's I made. All using the same kitty pattern just with different yarn weights/thickness: In this order: chunky, DK, 4ply, super fine


I hope you try this, I'm sure you'll love it if you do. Feel free to tag your work with #craftybunnybun  on Instagram or Twitter so I can check it out :)

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